British justice gives the green light to deport migrants to Rwanda


A first plane carrying migrants from the UK to Rwanda could fly on Tuesday. London’s High Court dismissed a complaint from trade unions and human rights groups on Friday. They wanted to put an end to the British government’s controversial plan to return asylum seekers who had entered the country illegally to Rwanda.

source: BELGA

The government aims to curb the growing number of illegal crossings of the canal. As many as 130 people have been asked to leave the country. On Tuesday, Rwanda’s first flight will have 31 passengers. According to the judge, “It is in the public interest that the Minister of Interior can implement immigration control decisions.”

This has sparked both the UK’s main trade union, the UK’s main trade union, and migrant organizations Care4Calais and Detention Action. They can still appeal, and the appeals court will hear their arguments on Monday.

Migrants who have been returned by air can apply for asylum in Rwanda. The judge rejected the allegation that there were shortcomings in the Rwandan asylum system and the possibility of sending people to countries where they would face persecution.

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