Britons import hundreds of thousands of turkeys from France and Poland for Christmas dinner | Abroad

The UK imports turkeys from the European Union to preserve the traditional Christmas dinner. That Financial Times reports. British Poultry Council British farmers are said to have grown at least a million turkeys because they could not find enough cheap labor due to Brexit.

This equates to a one-fifth reduction in production. Farmers typically represent about 5.5 million of the 8 to 9 million turkeys that appear on the festive table in the UK each year. Imported turkeys come from France and Poland.

Last weekend, the government announced that it would issue 5,500 temporary visas for the Turkey sector – valid until the end of the year – in an effort to “save Christmas”. Until now, the turkey sector has always relied on workers from Eastern Europe, in part to pluck and process the animals.


However, the analogy could be the fig after Easter. According to the farmers, they will not be able to place an order until mid-October. If it takes three to four weeks for them to get the green light, it could be mid-November by the time the visas are issued and it’s already too late. “And then you assume for convenience that there are workers available and that they also want to come to the UK,” it still seemed.

The government has also made clear that this is a temporary measure anyway and will not be extended in the coming years. The UK is struggling after Brexit. There is also currently a shortage of gasoline, and it was also announced last week that there are no longer enough butchers.

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