CEOs’ Biggest Concern in 2022: Their Job Security

72 percent of CEOs are concerned about losing their jobs due to disruptions in their industries. This is according to a new report published today by global consulting firm AlixPartners.

The frantic pace of change in business and the world has accelerated since the start of the pandemic. This has led to a rise in CEO concerns.

As many as 72 percent of CEOs surveyed are concerned about their jobs. That number is 20 percentage points higher than last year, when “only” 52 percent of CEOs were concerned about their job security.

The main cause for concern would be the modification to New business model be. About 94 percent of business leaders say such an adjustment is necessary in the next three years. But 57 percent fear their company won’t succeed fast enough and could be left far behind.

“The CEO’s job is stressful at best… These stats tell a lot about the stress that’s going onexecutives enior Feel like acting, acting fast, and adopting new strategies,” AlixPartners CEO Simon Frickley told the news site. Axios.

Changing the nature of business

Moreover, CEOs are very concerned about reviewing global supply chains for today and for the future. In addition, the enlistment To many headaches, as different needs for skills change rapidly. Freckley says digital transformation reshapes workflows from time to time.

In its conclusion, the report says that readers should not feel sorry for CEOs. After all, they get paid hundreds of times more than the average worker, only to worry more than the rest. However, the concerns provide a good insight into the current challenge of an increasingly complex resilient business landscape.

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