Coronablog – Kernk Cabinet wants to go back to the old rules of culture houses, as well as cinemas

The ruling of the State Council, Tuesday, suspending the closure of the cultural sector, does not change the other legal measures announced by representatives from the cultural sector.

For example, a coalition of various organizations, including the Human Rights League, on Monday submitted an appeal to the State Council against the closure of the sector. Olivia Venet of the French-speaking Ligue des Droits Humains confirmed that arguments are still scheduled for Friday.

“Our work is broader and also includes cinemas and concert halls. We are targeting different points of the royal decree.”

In addition, brief lawsuits were brought against the Belgian state by various French-speaking organizations. Interior Minister Annelies Verlinden, who is responsible for enforcing the Knowledge Act, has been summoned to appear before the Court of First Instance in Brussels.

“The question remains whether cinema is also a cultural institution,” says attorney Jack Engelbert. “We think so, but this is still controversial and so my clients are continuing their work for the time being. If, according to the State Council, there is discrimination against theaters, this also applies to cinemas, and certainly to cinemas should remain closed, while re-runs are allowed. open theaters.

If the LDH appeal is successful, the summary proceedings can also be halted, according to the attorney. “But we haven’t gotten there yet.”

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