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abroadRussian President Vladimir Putin pushed for greater cooperation between the former Soviet republics nearly 30 years after the collapse of the Soviet Union. The federation ruled by the Communist Party – Moscow with a population of about 287 million people disintegrated in 1991. On December 25 of that year, the last president of the Soviet Union resigned and the red flag of the Federation was lowered in the Kremlin.

Most of the Soviet republics established the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) at the last moment as a successor to the federation. But the CIS was not able to achieve this as a loose link for countries. However, most of the current members have defense and free trade agreements.

Putin hopes it will mean the CIS more fundamentally. “I must say that the relations that have lasted since the era of the Soviet Union play a very positive role,” the leader said at the CIS meeting. The former Soviet republics that he certainly can’t count on have been in trouble with Russia, the Baltic states, Ukraine and Georgia for a long time.

But the Commonwealth is still made up of nine states with a population of 240 million. A shift in power in Afghanistan, the growing influence of China and conflicts in the Middle East and Caucasus could force the non-committed CIS club to take further action. For example, since the Taliban seized power in Afghanistan, Russia has acted as the protector of the neighboring CIS state of Tajikistan.

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