Director Bulent Ozturk seeks support for a film about earthquakes in Türkiye

Bulent Ozturk is not his experimental piece, after a major earthquake in 2011 he made a similar movie, expected. “Just like that time, I once again feel the absolute need to show mourning and the will to survive. It hurt me so much that my shattered country had to feel so much intolerance and infighting on top of all that grief, I want to show that to everyone. This It’s my job as a director.”

So it resulted from the previous project expected, a documentary film that won a series of international awards. Later, the Belgian kurds achieved international success with Houses with small windows at the Venice Film Festival and received rave reviews for it Blue silence. “but with the hider I want to make something completely different. The film will not be about the earthquake itself, but rather the deep emotional scars left by the disaster on some of the voiceless people. For example, I heard the story of a woman who had been crying out for her children for three days.”

Suffering came eerily close to Ozturk himself. My family in Türkiye managed to save themselves, and everyone is in shock. They feel guilty that they are alive and many others are not. My brother is the most cheerful and cheerful man I know, but I have only heard him cry these past few days. It only speaks of the terrible sound of the earth opening up.”

In addition to grieving, Ozturk also condemns the abuses in Türkiye. “Over the years, building legislation has changed 192 times. Urban plans and scientific research on earthquakes have blatantly pushed aside the corrupt system. If Turkey were less corrupt, all this would be less bad. I will also show this anger.”

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The film does not make itself, the average cost of a Flemish short film is around 80 thousand euros. Money Ozturk does not have. That is why he is now looking for €37,000 through crowdfunding to fund his project. “I have to put my pride aside to ask for money, but there are so many time pressures that I have no choice. We hope people understand that this project can also be valuable,” Ozturk ends. the hider It should be ready this fall, supports are being placed Crowdfunding page.

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