Erin Mellen and Taiki Taikima expedite the wedding for MH’s sake

Six months after their engagement, broadcaster Irene Millen and former hockey player Taiki Taikima got married. in weekend Irene, 38, explains why they rushed to tie the knot.

August 22nd was the day Irene and Taiki said a resounding “yes” to each other during an intimate party in Amsterdam. Irene says the party was in a hurry. “We did it because of Taiki’s mom’s health, she’s very ill. We really wanted her to be there, but we had to bring the wedding forward.”

Despite this, the wedding was exactly as the newlyweds envisioned, and the mothers loved it, too. “His mom and dad were full of him. “Everything was fine,” said my mother. “Takey and I did it anyway,” Irene says proudly.

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The presenter explains the fact that the two were carrying everything in cans and jugs quickly proves exactly why Airen and Taeke get along so well together. “We can put off a lot of things, but we can also get them done, in complete relaxation. The episodes were also chosen at the last minute. It was a pressure cooker at times, but we still managed it completely cool. That relaxed vibe was noticeable throughout the day Friends said, “This was the most relaxed wedding ever.”

Photo: Renny Van Maaren

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