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There is an active Facebook page trying to enlighten people with the HLN logo: HLN.Tech.be. This is not managed by our editors. We do not recommend clicking or responding to messages distributed by this Facebook page.

The person or people behind the page are trying to give the impression that this page belongs to HLN. That’s why they share our articles on tech news, among other things. Our editors have such a page that is HLN technology. The HLN.Tech.be page is fake and is used to deceive people.

For example, there is supposed to be a promotion of cheap coffee machines, but as is often the case, it’s too good to be true. Scammers try to pay an expensive ‘subscription’. Don’t get into this.

Post from the fake Facebook page, which is used to scam people. © rv

If you do, follow the steps below. These were put together by Safeonweb, the federal government’s digital security reporting agency.

• If you have provided credit or debit card details, inform us immediately stop card Call 078 170170 (+32 78170170 from abroad).

Contact your bank So that the last batch and possibly the account can be blocked.

• If you notice that money has already been stolen from your bank account, act Police report.

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