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Severe thunderstorms sweeping southern France. The water between Montpellier and Nîmes rises more than a meter. Flemish Walter France was in a traffic jam when he was suddenly surprised by the water: “We had to turn to the right, because the water was 1.5 meters high on the left.”

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14-09-21, 22:02

Fleming testifies about a flooded motorway in France © VTM News

Severe thunderstorms and torrential rain hit the Le Gard region in southern France on Tuesday. At the end of the day, 800 firefighters were still working.

Local authorities said there were no injuries, except for a minor injury from a lightning strike. Two people are temporarily missing in the villages of Aegis Vives and Ochod near the A9 motorway connecting Nimes to Montpellier.

The Météo-France weather service recorded 244 mm of rain in three hours in Saint-Dionisy, which is exceptional. Le Gard’s absolute record has been in the books since September 19, 2020 with 216.4mm, in Saint-Martial.

An overview of physical damage is not yet available. In Nîmes, part of the roof of the Intermarché department store has collapsed. After a temporary improvement, worse weather is expected later tonight. Schools will remain closed on Wednesday.

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