Flemish film ‘Skunk’ can count on the best cast with Boris Van Se…

She will play Natalie Broads in the book “Skunk”. © VRT – Toon Aerts

In just under two weeks, shooting will begin for the new Flemish movie Skunk, based on the book of the same name. Boris Van Severen, Dirk Roofthoft, and Natali Broods, among others, star in a movie about a teenager who ends up in a closed institution.

Desmytere Road

Teen Liam is neglected by his parents and bullied at school. He escapes his dark life by watching the same violent Hindi movie over and over again, until he ends up in a closed institution. You guessed it: His presence there is also anything but pink. Although he found some friendship there, the past still haunts him.

This is a short story skunkThe new Flemish movie, which will start shooting in two weeks. Director Quinn Mortier, who also former drummer Steer, can count on some of the big names. For example, Boris van Severen (Belgium), Natalie Broads (about water), Dirk Roofthoft (clan – clan), Jean Desmet (Albatrossand Sarah Vandeersenperfect world) appear in the movie.

It is not yet known when the movie will be shown in theaters.

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