Giving the environment and prevention a place in the new design of healthcare – Radboud University Medical Center surgeon Kees van Laarhoven predicts the sixth economic cycle in the book

October 7, 2023

Surgeon Kees van Laarhoven wrote the book Human and planetary health – the urgent need to merge into one health (Translated: Human and Planet Health and the Need for One Health). In collaboration with other healthcare professionals, he analyzes in the book the main challenges facing healthcare, not only in the Netherlands but also around the world. From an economic and environmental perspective, the book focuses on the future of health care, asking the question “How do we organize our living environment so that global consumption of health care declines while the health of people and planet improves?”

Photo: From left to right, Bertin Lahuis, Bokje van den Heuvel, Ad Melkert, Hans Peter Jung and Kees van Laarhoven

Human health and planet go hand in hand. This is why healthcare must be more sustainable. but how? The book calls on all healthcare professionals to participate in public debate and policy making. After a comprehensive analysis of the health legacy of the Industrial Revolution (Inheritance), a futuristic perspective of what a 21st century living environment could look like is outlined: The new human world. It is possible, but the younger generations Y, Z and Alpha will have to make a difference in the next economic cycle for sustainability and implementing an integrated approach to disease and health in society.

One health

The book is intended for healthcare professionals, hospital managers, health policy makers and industries such as food, environment and mobility. In addition to care, the health system also requires an approach from other perspectives, such as the influence of the environment, economics and culture. Only by dealing with this in an integrated way will there be a future for people and planet.

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The book embraces the concept of One Health and emphasizes the need to rethink healthcare design and integrate it with preventative measures and environmental care to improve human and planetary health. Now and in the future.

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On Friday 6 October, Kees van Laarhoven presented his book to Bertin Lahuis, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Radboud University Medical Center and Bertho Niebuhr, Gynecologist at Radboud University Medical Centre, editor-in-chief of Medisch Contact and moderator of the session. afternoon. Koos van der Velden (Radbodomc, Public Health), the speaker during the presentations, gave his thoughts on the “clash between economics, environment and health”. Joyce Brown from UMC Utrecht, Julius Centre, shared her insight in “Global Health: Health Inequalities and Climate Injustice”.

Afterwards, the Integrated Care Agreement and the multi-sectoral regional health plans were discussed in an open dialogue with Bertin Lahuis (coordinator), Ad Melkert (President of the Dutch Hospital Association), Hans Peter Jong (General Practitioner, Moi Masvalli initiator), Bökje van den Heuvel (Leader). Fit4Surgery Project) and Kees van Laarhoven.

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Human and planetary health – the urgent need to merge into one health Available digitally for free in open access, as are all publications from Radboud University Press. Radboud University’s Diamond Open Access Publishing publishes high-quality, peer-reviewed academic books and journals in a wide range of disciplines.

The book can also be ordered via Radboud University Press.

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