Heavy snow and cold in England

Snow in America. Source: ANP / EPA / Andy Raine

The United Kingdom faces a cold week. Cold winds sweep across England from the north, resulting in lots of snow and low temperatures.

A snow warning has already been issued for Monday and Tuesday. These apply mainly to the North East, but also apply to Northern Ireland and the southern parts of England and Wales. In Scotland, more than 20cm of snow could fall in higher areas and more than 5cm in low-lying areas in the north-east of England. A warning has been issued that traffic will be affected due to snow.

It is also very cold in many places. In Scotland, temperatures can drop to -15 degrees. People are being urged to stay close to friends and family and take necessary preparations for the low temperatures.

Later in the week, the north of England in particular will have to deal with more wintry weather. There is a chance of snow early Wednesday morning, especially in the south, but the snow area will gradually move north during the second half of the week. From Wednesday to Friday, a yellow code is in place for Northern Ireland, Scotland and the center and north of England.

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