KNVB (known for not wearing One Love belts in Qatar) will also bow to Saudi Arabia

This is Just Spy, is he crazy or just a malicious idiot?

And now we turn to our least favorite sports umbrella organization, KNVB, which is an elite collegiate club of sales executives who used to have a 9 for the gym and also took a keen interest in M&O. Tadaa, a job at the KNVB. The KNVB is such a dirty, hypocritical organization that is so full of nonsense people that it hurts our purpose. Do you remember that KNVB acted so tough because gay people in Qatar are being thrown off the roof? Well, KNVB doesn’t matter at all anymore. after ‘conciliatory conversationThey are in love again with the crazy, megalomaniacal dictator Gianni DiBilio and KNVB Chairman Just Spee’s explanation is of course too underdeveloped for words: “He also has no reliable opponent. You can say no out loud, but then what? You are now at the table, and continue to impress.“Do you know who also has no opponent, Spee? So the World Cup will be held in Saudi Arabia in the near future, KNVB will sign a number of zeros at the cross and when the tournament starts they will again walk with hands up through the moral minefield. Spee: “It is an illusion to think that tournaments are only held in Scandinavia or the BeneluxDamn man, heh, hypocritical balls. And do you know how Just Spee and all the other footballers from the professional board club KNVB, all those mediocre coaches with names like Remko and Michel, can still get you up in the morning? Look in the mirror? Because they first look at their bank account. The KNVB is only interested in money. We now know that in KNVB they cheer when a gay gets beat up somewhere, but this Just Spee is really the embodiment of evil.

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