Some go viral with the film about plastic, the video has already been viewed four million times

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Lead Image TXT 1: Dump on Downing Street. Photo: Sil van der Wurt
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Lead Image TXT 2: Boris Johnson on plastic waste. Photo: Sil van der Wurt
Sil van der Wurt.  Photo: Omroop Gelderland

Sil van der Wurt. Photo: Omroop Gelderland

Arnhem – Arnhem director Sil van der Wurt spent five months producing a video about plastic in the UK. Now that it’s been online for two days, that video is going viral. The video has now been viewed at least four million times.

Van der Wurt created a video about plastic waste in the UK for nature organization Greenpeace. “As you can see in the video, about 70 million items fall on 10 Downing Street, where Minister Boris Johnson lives. This amount of waste (per day) is not recycled in the UK, but sent to Third World countries.”

Watch the video. The text continues below.

“When that waste ends up on Downing Street, you can see in the video that there is a huge plastic avalanche. Boris Johnson is taken. The entire street will not be covered with plastic at any time. One day it will be sent to the UK,” the newspaper said. Director.


Dump on Downing Street. Photo: Sil van der Wurt

Van der Wurt says it is not the fault of ordinary citizens. . Turkey. They get paid for it. “

In nature

But Van der Wurd knows that plastic is not recycled in those countries, but ends up in nature. “That plastic is being dumped back into the jungle illegally.”

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By using video to provide insight into how much plastic is actually being sent, the director hopes to take action. “The most important thing is that politics responds to it. Now it is. In two days this video has been viewed more than four million times on various channels and English politics is posting about it. Even the cat that lives on Downing Street, Larry the Cat, tweets with half a million followers on its Twitter channel. “


Boris Johnson on plastic waste. Photo: Sil van der Wurt

But the important news came later. “Turkey has announced a plastic ban from the UK. I’m very happy with that, which is a great compliment to my video.”

Listen to a conversation with Sil van der Ward here.

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