Immortals of Aveum releases three new cinematics

Ascendant Studios has released three new cinematics for their game Immortals of Avium Projection. It will be released next month on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X | S, so the marketing campaign for this magical FPS game is in full swing.

in charge “Comic Con Cinematic” The battle against Sandrakk continues. Jack (Darren Barnet) returns with the Binding Stone, a powerful artifact that was meant to be destroyed, not kept. He believes he made the right decision, and now has to impress Kerkan (Gina Torres), the leader Immortals.

In the “Confusing cinematic ever,” Kirkan has just discovered Jack after he unexpectedly shows his magic. Having only lived in the slums of one city his entire life, he knows very little about the world around him or how magic works. This is the moment when Jack, and you as the player, get to know the magical and unique world of Aveum and get a glimpse into its history.

In the “Zendara Cinematic Encounter,” Devin Jack recognized the brave Zindara, and immediately made her dislike for Jack crystal clear. It’s here that we get to see the first time that our major characters interact and clash with each other as they begin their journey together to stop Sandrakk and end Everwar.

In addition, there is also a podcast, in which game director Brett Robbins talks about how the Immortals of Aveum universe came to be.

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