Indian woman (52 years old) wakes up before her body is cremated: “We have never seen anything like this before” | strange

In India, the body of a 52-year-old woman was recently taken to her cremation site when she suddenly opened her eyes again.

Buji Amma, 52, from Berhampur (India), suffered serious burns at his home at the beginning of this month. The woman was admitted to the hospital where she was treated, but the pain did not stop. Her family could not afford another visit to the hospital, so the woman continued to receive care at home.

When she returned home, her condition worsened. Her husband, Sibaram Balu, 54, told the Times of India that she suddenly stopped breathing and her eyes remained closed. Everyone thought the woman was dead, so a cremation ceremony was organized.

Cremation at the stake

In India, bodies are often cremated in a funeral pyre. Moreover, they are usually common in rural areas. During the ceremony, the “immortal spirit of the deceased” is supposed to be released.

After Amma’s body was taken in the hearse to the place where it was scheduled to be cremated, she suddenly opened her eyes. “We were afraid. We had never seen anything like this before, but we had heard stories like this before,” explains a local resident.

The woman ended up lying in the car like a corpse for about an hour. When it turned out she was still alive, they turned around and brought her home.

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