iOS 17 beta 6 is out — and it fixes a couple of annoyances

A week after the previous update, Apple has now released iOS 17 beta 6. I called Tells you exactly what’s new in this update!

Read on after the announcement.

iOS 17 beta 6: New features

The release of iOS 17 is slowly but surely approaching, but Apple still regularly releases new beta versions of the iPhone operating system. We’re already in beta 6 of iOS 16. Here’s what’s new in the update this time!

Unfortunately, it appears that Apple mainly packed software updates and bug fixes into this update. However, Apple made two small changes in iOS 17 beta 6. We’re very happy with one of them!

Fixed annoyance in the phone app

You almost forget it sometimes, but the iPhone is also — yes — a phone. In iOS 17, Apple overhauled the companion Phone app for the first time in a long time. This way you can see stylish contact labels for people who are calling you and you can connect more easily with NameDrop. At the same time, the bell interface has also been modified.

It looked generally more modern, but it came with a controversial change. The red end call button is no longer at the bottom center of the screen, but has been moved to the bottom right. This has led to a lot of wrong doings.

But now in iOS 17 beta 6, Apple has responded to the criticism. The arrangement of the buttons has been changed, so that the red button to end the call is in almost the same place as in previous versions. And we also keep the modern look. A win-win situation, right?

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The annoyance in messages has been fixed

The second change concerns messages. There, Apple has revamped the iMessage apps. Now you can use all kinds of apps via a single plus button, for example to send stickers or voice messages. Just this change also meant that the Camera and Photos app was hidden a bit deeper in the menus, while they had a directly accessible button for that.

The interface has not been modified in the new beta, but Apple has slightly improved the way it works. When you now hold down the plus button, you will instantly get on the screen to select an image. It’s not as fast as it used to be, but it’s already a huge improvement.

More about iOS 17

iOS 17 will of course be the big update of the year for iPhones and iPads. Looking at previous years, iOS 17 will be released in the second or third week of September. For now, all signs are on Monday, September 18th.

Want to know more about iOS 17? Check here if all new functions work on your iPhone. With iOS 17, Apple is also revealing a number of iPhone 15 functions. Read here!

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