Jan De Nul allowed to pull power cables between Ireland and the UK | money

Dredger company and marine service provider Jan De Nul have won the Greenlink electrical interconnection contract, which will connect the Irish and British power grids. The company announced it.

Jan De Nul is allowed to install cables – two high-voltage cables and one fiber-optic cable – between the two countries. This is a 160 km stretch by sea.

In addition to the installation and protection of cables at sea, the contract also includes onshore infrastructure works. Preparatory work will begin this year, and the installation campaign at sea is scheduled to begin in 2023 and 2024.

The contract value was not disclosed.

Greenlink is an undersea and underground interface linking the electricity markets in Ireland and Great Britain. The high voltage line will be operational in 2024. In this way, Ireland will be connected via Great Britain to continental Europe and northern electricity markets.

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