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La Palma airport has reopened, Spanish airport operator Aina reports. Because of the ash cloud from the volcanic eruption on Canary Island, it was not possible to fly to and from the island yesterday. After cleaning work, the airport is back in business again.

The Spanish airport operator advises travelers to first check with their airline the status of their flight before coming to the airport. La Palma Airport was closed Saturday due to ash accumulation on runways. The decision caused long queues in the port of Santa Cruz de la Palma as travelers tried to leave by ferry to neighboring islands, such as Tenerife.

Spectators descend on the island

There have been “volcano tourists” on the island for a few days now. Curious spectators from all over the world flock to La Palma to see the volcano with their own eyes. However, according to the authorities, they guarantee the congestion of aircraft and ships. Andres Amijeras, a Uruguayan tourist, came specially to La Palma to see the volcano. A plane ticket cost the 33-year-old tourist up to 500 euros. Under normal circumstances, he would have had to pay €440 less for it.

The Spanish police are not satisfied with the large number of visitors. “Now is not the time for tourism,” a spokesman said. More than 6,000 people have been evacuated since the eruption began. The lava flow has already destroyed at least 420 homes and inundated 190 hectares of land.

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In recent days, there has been talk of “volcano tourists” in La Palma. They come to the island especially to see the volcano. © Reuters

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