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The first excavations took place in Pompeii in 1860. After more than 150 years, about 60 percent of the historic city has been excavated. So we still have a lot of work to do and we are working more accurately. You should be, because in 2013, UNESCO threatened to put Pompeii on the list of endangered heritage sites. This is why Spot help is called now as well.

Spot – an American-made robot dog – stands on four legs and is very agile. He can walk and pedal and has a 360-degree view that allows him to avoid obstacles. In addition, Spot can explore the smallest of spaces and collect “highly useful data,” according to the park’s management.

The robot dog will search for ancient underground tunnels used by thieves. By the way, these are modern thieves, and not the ancient Romans. Until 2012, they were very successful and made fortunes. Since then, Italian art crime regulations have become stricter, making the sale of stolen antiquities more difficult.

Despite this, there are still many tunnels in Pompeii. Spot, the mechanical guard, must now put an end to that (read: the leg). “Safety conditions in tunnels like these are quite precarious, so a robot like Spot could be a hack,” said park manager Gabriel Zustregel.

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