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President Emmanuel Macron wants to take over the French presidency of the European Union in the first half of next year to bolster European power on the world stage. This ambition was expressed today when introducing the French programme.

From January 1, the French will lay the hammer on European Councils of Ministers for a period of six months. The presidency coincides with the French presidential elections in April and the parliamentary elections in June. So Macron was full of ambition during the press conference at the Elysee, where he explained France’s priorities.

If I had to sum up the purpose of this presidency in one sentence, I would say that we must move from a Europe of cooperation to a Europe that is strong in the world. We must be completely sovereign, free to make our own choices and be masters of our own destiny.”

“Relaunching, Strength, and Belonging”

For years, Macron presented himself to nationalists and populists as a convinced pro-European. “In light of all the crises that befall Europe, there are many who want to return to their homeland. These countries are our strength and our pride, but European unity is an indispensable complement.”

“Relationship, readiness and personalization” (relaunch, strength, belonging) is the motto of the thirteenth French Presidency of the European Union, the first since 2008. Among its priorities, Paris transforms the reform of the Schengen area and the protection of the external borders of Europe forward. The debate over reforming the European framework for the supervision of national budgets also falls into the French fold. Macron also wants to work on developing a European defense policy and, in February, will hold a summit with the African Union to strengthen ties with the continent.

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“Get rid of the image of arrogance”

France can put certain things on the agenda and give it impetus, but in the end, like any presidency, it will have to forge concrete agreements between member states. She denounced Valerie Pecres as a presidential candidate for the conservative LR party: “To influence Europe, France must get rid of the image of arrogance that has stuck in the country since Macron’s presidency.” Sometimes Macron has the right speech, but the practice is the opposite. Olivier Faure, First Secretary of the Socialist Party B.

Macron will meet Germany’s new chancellor, Olaf Schulz, in Paris tomorrow. On Monday, the French head of state will travel to Budapest to meet with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, leader of the nationalist movement in Europe.

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