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In the United Kingdom, the age rating of “Mary Poppins” has risen almost sixty years after its release. The responsible British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) changed the label to “discriminatory language”.

Mary Poppins It had a U status, meaning that something was unlikely to contain substances that could offend or cause damage. The PG rating now indicates that parents should be aware as some scenes may not be suitable for young children. Rating modified for theatrical release only. The film returns to British cinemas next month.

The BBFC did not say what “discriminatory language” prompted the change. According to what was reported by the British newspaper daily Mail It is about the word “Hottentot”, an outdated and derogatory term for the Khoikhoi people of South Africa.

The change currently applies to the UK only. In the Netherlands, Kickweiser is set to “all ages”. A company spokeswoman said the rating on the website would be modified if anything changes. It is not clear whether discussions are ongoing. The spokesman said no statements were made at all regarding the ongoing issues.

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