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The FHI considers the overall coronary risk in Norway in August and September to be small, but encourages vigilance, not least because of the delta variable.

The National Institute of Public Health (NIPH) published on Monday afternoon risk assessment , which this time pays additional attention to the emergence of the delta variant of the coronavirus.

The Norwegian Institute of Public Health considers the overall risk of the COVID-19 pandemic in Norway from August to September to be minimal. The number of infections may increase, but the institute believes that the number of serious cases will remain low and with relatively small outcomes. We continue to recommend vigilance because the situation can change quickly, not least because of the more contagious delta variant of the coronavirus.”

It must be ready

– Good vaccination coverage in Norway indicates that we can still control the Covid-19 epidemic in this country, but we must be vigilant, because the delta variable gives a certain amount of uncertainty in the future, says chief medical officer Preben Avetsland at FHI.

The most contagious delta variant, which first appeared in India, has dominated a number of countries in recent months. It is now dominant in at least 19 EU countries. Last week, it also became the dominant genre in Norway.

This leads to a growing epidemic in many places, Avetsland says, but countries with good vaccination coverage appear to do well with little or moderate increases in hospitalizations or deaths.

It can be infected with a single dose

The president believes that one reason to be so careful is that the delta variant, to a greater extent than the alpha variant, can only affect those who have received only one dose of the vaccine.

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The National Institute of Health sees a moderate chance of an increase in infections in August and September, possibly as high as 2,000 to 3,000 cases per week. It is said that the epidemic during this period is unlikely to be of the magnitude of previous waves.

Aavitsland does not consider it appropriate to establish a threshold for herd immunity through vaccination.

Instead, we emphasize that all vaccines help control the COVID-19 epidemic in Norway, he says.

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