NASA launches Artemis 1 mission to return to the moon in February | Science

NASA says it plans to launch the Artemis 1 spaceflight in February. It is the first mission of the US program to return to the Moon. The pivotal mission was initially planned for the end of the year.

The job really starts Artemis. The United States wants to go back to the moon with people, including the first woman. There will be no astronaut on board the first test flight. NASA’s new giant rocket, nicknamed the SLS, is supposed to propel the Orion capsule to the moon before it returns to Earth.

“The launch window opens on February 12th, and the last chance in February is the 27th,” said Mike Sarafin, mission director, at a press conference. In the event of an emergency, for example if the missile is not ready on time, chances are still March and April.

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