Nelson is candid about the aggression, stress, and exhaustion he experienced

Although singer Nelson has a very high image of his “perfect son-in-law” and good luck factor, he opens up on a different, less sympathetic and darker side of himself. Stress, fatigue, and aggressiveness, among other things, ensured he enjoyed his career a bit for years.

Nilsson, whose real name is Nils Letwig, has now had a few hits to his name and has recently achieved high marks with his participation in the programme. Dear singers. As the audience praised his resonant lyrics and songs.

Nelson is honest about his dark side and aggression

He will soon dive into theaters for his own show under the name Familiar and new. In him the beautiful but less rosy things of his life go through.

Nelson tells in an interview with the advertisement About his “dark side”, which has been standing in his way in recent years. After his nephew died of leukemia, the singer struggled with grief and grief which also led to an aggressive and stressful side. “I roamed the street in Dordrecht at night, hoping to meet someone who had a big mouth against me. Then I could punch him in the mouth.”

Participate in the best singers

Nowadays, the singer has a different attitude and this mentality results in him much more than that. Old Nelson, according to him, previously acted completely differently on a program like Dear singers. “Then I was so busy with myself. I had to record, I would scold the band for not playing something the way I wanted it to.” He is now far from that position Dear singers On the other hand, he had a good relationship with the cabaret artist Claudia de Brigg.

Nelson could not enjoy himself due to stress and fatigue

The singer says he’s missed “unnecessarily a lot” in the past 10 years. “The first five years I did very cool things, without enjoying them. Later I didn’t remember which things exactly, there are black holes in my memory.” Which, according to him, was caused by stress and fatigue. “Very sad, actually,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, Nelson regularly knows how to make women’s hearts beat faster with his lyrics and love songs. But this is something that, according to the singer, was not always the case. “You really were the eternal master of the Friendship Zone.”

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Nelson is honest about the aggression, stress and exhaustion he experienced: ‘Actually sad’

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