Netflix is ​​now testing the option to stream games

Streaming service Netflix is ​​slowly but surely expanding into a gaming company, although it doesn’t seem like they have much interest in this picture, but to do the hard work. It also now allows people to stream games to their TV. This is still a test and it’s only about a handful of people, but now Netflix Games will soon be what we initially expected.

Netflix games

Netflix says it’s running a limited beta test in Canada and the UK, but only a select group can take part in the test there. It’s also about a limited number of TVs that can do this, though it’s also possible on PCs and Macs via the streaming service’s website. There are two types of games: Molehew’s Mining Adventure and Oxenfree (the second part of which was released quite recently). The idea of ​​game streaming is that you don’t have to download the game to a device: it all goes through your internet connection.

Since you don’t need to download a game, games become more cross-platform. After all, in this case, your TV should only show on the screen how, what and what you press on the console should be scrolled through the Internet so that what you want happens in the game. This information is processed by the server you are streaming the game from, and this way you can stream games online. It works just like streaming series and movies on Netflix, but there are inputs from your console. Netflix recently released an app that turns your iPhone into a console.

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Play with your phone

Netflix wrote about the new test: “To play our games on TV, we offer a console that we already have in our hands for most of the day. Our phones. Members on PC and Mac can play on with a keyboard and mouse.” Fire TV, Chromecast with Google TV, LG TVs, Nvidia Shield TVs, Roku, Samsung Smart TVs, Walmart ONN. More devices will be added later, the streaming service says. We also hope that more countries will be allowed to test it soon, as we are very interested in its performance and whether it is a smooth experience like starting a movie or series.

broadcast games

When Xbox launched its cloud gaming plans and the new Xbox Game Pass subscription, it was often referred to as Netflix for gaming. However, when we heard that Netflix would also be involved in the games, we quickly thought about streaming as well. However, that turned out not to be the case: if you’ve now switched to Netflix on your phone, you can download apps from the Games section. It’s not that you can stream games right away. However, now it seems that Netflix is ​​proving that they really want to use their streaming expertise for games and that is of course a very logical choice.

There are few streaming services as stable as Netflix when it comes to technical performance and games need that stability. After all, you shouldn’t think that you can’t get past your input (the buttons you press or touch) or that things keep getting bogged down, so that you miss parts of the action.

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