North Korea sends troops to the border with South Korea outside

North Korea sent troops to the border with South Korea to rebuild guard posts. This is what the South Korean military says. These guard posts were dismantled as part of an agreement between the two countries in 2018.

According to the South Korean military, Pyongyang recently sent armed soldiers and equipment to rebuild those guard posts. This would include eleven posts. A South Korean military photo shows four North Korean soldiers building a wooden guard post in the demilitarized zone between the two countries.

In response to the launch of North Korea’s first spy satellite last week, Seoul partially suspended that agreement. North Korea has dropped that military agreement entirely and warned that it will not abide by it again. The goal of this agreement was to ease tensions along the highly secure border between the two Koreas, mainly through the establishment of buffer zones.

Seoul is concerned about the accelerating development of North Korea’s weapons programs. The southern neighbor says it has deployed “surveillance and reconnaissance resources” on the border. Pyongyang wants to deploy “more powerful armed forces and new-type military equipment in the region.”

The North Korean spy satellite launch was met with strong resistance from the United Nations and NATO, among others.

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