Police arrested the perpetrators of a forest fire on the Costa Blanca

The Marina Alta area in the province of Alicante was recently rocked by a devastating forest fire that broke out near Tarbena. This natural disaster not only destroyed a large area of ​​nature, but also led to the arrest of two people who may be responsible for causing this disaster.

On April 14, a forest fire broke out near Tarbena, a small village in the province of Alicante. The fire spread quickly through the dense vegetation and was fanned by strong winds. Despite the rapid response of the fire brigade and other emergency services, the fire quickly proved to be an enormous challenge.

Due to the rapid spread of the fire, many nearby villages and homes had to be evacuated. Residents were asked to leave their homes and move to safer areas. According to first reports, 800 hectares of nature had already been destroyed, but this eventually turned out to be less than that with about 600 hectares of nature burning.

While the Firefighting operation