Porsche can’t meet the demand but will come with the 911 GTS

It is currently easy to fill the Porsche 911 order books, but despite the increased delivery times, the German sports car maker has come up with another addition to the lineup. Here’s the 911 GTS.

Insiders say the demand for the Porsche 911 is unprecedented. The company has to withdraw all the stations to meet the demand. In addition, Porsche at the group level is also hampered by the minimal supply of chips, although these problems are likely to be found in the brand’s SUVs. However, Porsche sees it as time to implement the presentation calendar that it prepared a few years ago. After GT3 and DJT3 Touring The next version is now ready. GTS will enrich the delivery program from September.

From 997 to 991 to 992

GTS, it’s a historical name and for about twelve years it has been a staple in the 911 family. It started with Generation 997. Then the 991 came and now it’s the 992 edition. Porsche is launching the GTS range at once. It comes as a Coupe, Cabriolet and Targa. Of the three-wheel drive body styles, only the Targa has all-wheel drive as standard, while the extra steering wheels in the Coupe and Cabriolet cost about ten times more.

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faster acceleration

The driving forces come naturally from the boxer’s six-cylinder engine, with a displacement of 3.0 liters. Breathing is carried out with the help of two turbines, which in the case of the GTS deliver 30 more horsepower. That’s compared to the current 911 Carrera S or the previous 911 GTS. With 480 hp, it is the most powerful GTS in the history of the 911. Porsche squeezes a maximum of 570 Nm of torque from the engine block, which is still a gain of 20 Nm. The automaker pairs a six-speed engine, an eight-speed PDK dual-clutch transmission, or a 7-speed manual transmission, which directs traction power to the rear wheels or all four wheels. If you quickly exceed the resistance, you can reach 100 km / h in a shorter downtime than the previous version. For the PDK version, the manufacturer specifies a time difference of 0.3 accounts, which brings the total acceleration time to 3.3 seconds. The automaker adds that a sports exhaust system is standard on the GTS, so that racing is accompanied by additional expertise, and part of the interior insulation has been omitted.

Lightweight version

For those who want to lose even more weight, Porsche will later come with a special (optional) package. Under the name “Lightweight Design Package” (available from November), the manufacturer removes a maximum of 25 kg from the car, which benefits the driving dynamics. Next, the 911 GTS has, among other things, lightweight bucket seats, lightweight side and rear window glass and a lightweight battery. Additionally, the 911 GTS has no rear seat when the Lightweight Design Package is selected in the options menu.

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A fixed part of the GTS package is special suspension tuning, based on the Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM) system and the braking system of the 911 Turbo. For modification, technicians looked at the 911 Turbo chassis. At the base, the body of both the coupe and cabriolet hangs a full centimeter under the asphalt. By the way, the chassis of the 911 Targa 4 GTS comes from the 911 Targa 4S. For the wheels, Porsche uses 20-inch front wheels and large 21-inch rear wheels (painted black) with a center nut on the 911 Turbo S as well.

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SportDesign Package

Traditionally, the GTS comes with a lot of black or dark details, and the latest version is no exception. In Targa, even the “menu bar” is finished in black. All variants have a front lip painted in gloss black, light-alloy wheels, GTS badges on the doors, badges at the rear, grille slats, and tailpipe trims. The body is also decorated with the SportDesign package, which consists of extensions for front, rear and side sills.

Gematteerd carbon

Inside, Porsche wears the sports car with a centimeter-shorter gear lever over the manual transmission, a GT sports steering wheel, sport seats and a Race-Tex black interior. The dashboard inserts, center console and door panels are all made from matt carbon.

Porsche 911 GTS prices

Porsche asks for exactly 184,600 euros for the cheapest 911 Carrera GTS. For that amount, the two-wheeler coupe rolls off the factory tire. All-wheel drive costs about $10,000 more and the open top requires an additional investment of $16,000. The cheapest Cabriolet costs 20,400 euros. For the Targa 4 GTS, the enthusiast must transfer €211,000 to the dealer.

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