Review: Sanature menstrual pads

We all know sanitary napkin ads, right? Well, that’s not from Sanature. They are completely different, just like the materials from which the products are made.


The Office: Love
Production company: Vigics
Producer: Dwight Groot, Sophie Victorin
Created by: Patrick Van Haberen (CD), Donia Zidane
Director: Donia Zidan
DOP: Jasper de Clouet
Editing: Demi Wesilo
Category: Wietse van Bezooijen
Composer: Beau D. Schaepman
Sound Design: Robin Overeem | Six feet high
Movement design: David Welt
Art and Design: Jasmine Nelson
Photo by Ruby Croden
Sanature official: Marley Kramer


Get more women to consciously choose natural cotton menstrual products and try the benefits on their own.


“Unfortunately, we still hear a lot from the women around us that they think it’s normal for them to experience skin irritation during their menstrual period,” Sanature Brand Manager Marley Kramer says in the press release. Part of the deal… but we know better! In this campaign, we want to invite all women to carefully listen to their intimate skin by really feeling it. We hope more women consciously choose natural cotton products and experience the benefits for themselves. “

The brand, agency and production company want to go ahead with this campaign more than “most personal hygiene brands” dare. Patrick Van Haberen, Creative Director Loew: “The result is an explicit aesthetic campaign in which sensitivity and vulnerability are seen as strengths.”


It’s good that Sanature is publishing its alternatives to standard menstrual products for major companies in this campaign. It has already been demonstrated that there is a need for it and the greater the interest in the benefits, the greater the need. This appears to be the thinking behind this series of short commercials. They remind me more of an awareness campaign than a tough sales campaign. This also lends itself well to the alternative character of the products. But if you take a good look and listen, you come across some things that I wonder about.

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I think the commercial with cotton in the bathroom is a nice metaphor. You only see and hear about the pads at the end, while you also see the tampons. Then they communicate better in this ad where one woman gives the other a packet of cotton pads. In the latest announcement, the voiceover says, “Your intimate skin feels better when you can breathe.” While the word “skin” is not a neutral word, it should be “if he can breathe”. The ad makers might not want to use the word masculine in female commercials, but that makes it a linguistic mistake.

They might not want to use the word masculine in women’s commercials, but that makes it a linguistic mistake

I really love the atmosphere that is created and I think the campaign will be helpful for Sanature brand awareness and drawing attention to its full product range of Natural Menstrual Products. It looks like a big introductory campaign. Now the future is only more clear in the details. Although I realize, of course, that only people with an occupational deformity, like me, care about that.

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