Spain is experiencing exceptional heat, and record temperatures have also been recorded in Greenland

Spring hasn’t even started yet, but it already looked like summer in Spain last weekend. The mercury rose to record temperatures above 30 degrees in some places. The heat record for the month of March was also broken in Greenland.

Real summer scenes unfolded in Spain last weekend. The shores of the Mediterranean were crowded with people eager to relax. On Saturday, a record high temperature for March was recorded in Mallorca Р27.3 degrees. Two weeks ago there was still snow on the island and the mercury regularly dropped below zero. The highest temperature was recorded in Castellón de la Plana, Valencia region: 30.8 degrees. This is 0.6 degrees higher than the previous record for March.

Spain has been suffering from severe droughts and wildfires in recent years. So far, the weather service has already warned of fire risks. In addition, there has been little rain in recent months, which increases the risk of water shortages in summer.

green land

Greenland also has very high temperatures at that time of the year. A record temperature of 15.2 degrees was recorded in the capital, Nuuk, last weekend. That’s at least 20 degrees above the average for March, according to the Danish Meteorological Institute report. Temperatures in the north were also about 17 to 28 degrees above average.

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