Spotify wants to teach you something with video courses about music and business

Spotify is offering something new again: after a medium that answers your life questions and music videos, the music streaming service is now starting with video courses in which you can, for example, learn how to make music. But it's not just music where you can take training courses.

Spotify also offers courses in business, creativity, and healthy living. Unfortunately, the option has not yet been activated in the Netherlands, because this time the first option is for the United Kingdom. The four classes are the only options at the moment and you should consider courses to learn guitar chords, learn songwriting skills, and how to make merchandise.

Video courses on Spotify

If you live in the UK, you can do at least four different things on Spotify: listen to music, listen to podcasts, listen to audiobooks and take online courses. It may not be a full Udemy course, but if you just want to learn a certain basic thing, or see if you might want to continue learning it, video courses are a good option to get better acquainted with a particular topic.

The lessons are not developed by Spotify itself, but come from BBC Maestro, Thinkific, PlayVirtuoso, and Skillshare. Spotify believes it's a logical step after audiobooks and podcasts, which people often listen to because they want to learn something or become wiser. We think it's a logical step now that the platform also offers music videos: after all, you don't have to look at your phone for any content on Spotify, unless you want to watch videos and therefore if you want to watch an explainer video.

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to gain money

However, it's certainly not a very strange move by the music platform. It's also nice that it's simply inside the existing Spotify app and you don't need a new app for it. If it's the Netherlands, you'll find an elongated button at the top of the home screen. This will likely take some time: the fact that the test is only being done in the UK means Spotify is taking it very slowly. Meanwhile, she's also busy researching how to make more money from free and premium subscribers, just like she did through audiobooks. You get a piece for free and then you have to pay. This is also how video courses should be handled: you get two lessons for free and then have to pay extra to purchase the entire course.

To circumvent Google and Apple's payment systems, it works via email through which you can purchase a course and then access the course. It may seem stressful, but it will save you a lot of money (usually 30 percent goes to Google and Apple). It's interesting to see how Spotify is trying to expand its empire, but in the meantime we're still waiting for hi-fi: better music sound quality. This is a promise that the streaming service has been making us wait for a very long time. Even these glamorous courses cannot hide this.

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