Study: Do influencers have a greater impact than the influence of specialists?

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Sortlist polled 1,000 social media users who follow influencers who provide tips and tricks about health and finances. The aim was to gain insight into the power of influencer and influencer marketing on user decisions compared to the influence of financial and health professionals. Do you believe in the influencer more than you believe in the dark or the bank? These are the results for Belgium:

1 in 5 users trust influencers more than doctors and financial advisors.

– 36.4% of Belgian respondents said that influencers helped them with their financial investments; However, 40% believe that specialists are more reliable.

When it comes to finances, 45.5% of Belgians say they check influencer information. For health and fitness, only 33.3% have investigated what the influencer says.

The cost and effort involved in scheduling an appointment are the two biggest barriers that prevent people from contacting a professional.

– In Belgium, both in healthcare and in the financial world, reliability continues to make the difference between specialist and influencer. In Europe, transparency is referred to as a key difference.

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Despite their influence, influencers are still in last place when users are asked who they trust the most. Professionals come first.

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