That's how unhealthy it is to sleep with the curtains open

There is a lot to be said about sleep, and there are many things you can do to improve your sleep. For example, do you sleep in a bright room or with the curtains open? A new study shows that it has bad health consequences.

According to researchers, leaving the curtains open while sleeping can significantly increase the risk of stroke, as light pollution hinders the quality of rest and can stress the organs.

The effect of light on sleep

Scientists analyzed data from nearly thirty thousand people to investigate the effect of disrupting the natural sleep-wake rhythm, and there appears to be a clear relationship, according to reports. UK Metro.

doctor. “Our research suggests that higher levels of exposure to artificial light at night may be a risk factor for cerebrovascular disease,” said Jinping Wang, who participated in the study. According to the study, the risk of stroke increased by 43 percent.

Reduce exposure

It is therefore advisable, especially for people living in urban areas, to consider reducing this exposure.

to search The scientists followed people from the same city with no history of cerebrovascular disease for six years. Of these, 900 had a stroke during the study period.

The room is as dark as possible

Satellite images were then used to estimate the light pollution each patient was exposed to at night to see if this contributed to their health problems. According to the researchers, it is also important to take environmental factors into account “to reduce the global burden of cardiovascular disease.”

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To improve your sleeping conditions for optimal rest, make your room as dark as possible or wear a sleep mask. “Darkness is essential for sleep,” says Dr. Neil Stanley. UK Metro. “Even small amounts of light can disrupt sleep.”

Tips for better sleep

He also recommends making sure your room is the right temperature and not getting too warm under the covers. “Your body needs to lose heat at night, so too much warmth can disrupt your sleep.”

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