The footage shows the Moroccan monarch stumbling “drunk” on the streets of Paris, raising questions

Footage emerged showing Morocco’s King Mohammed VI stumbling “intoxicated” in the streets of Paris. This is what is written in the Spanish newspaper espanol. It’s a barely five-second video in which he stumbles and is picked up by his bodyguards. The pictures spread on social media and raised many questions.

Journalist Jalil Mohamed Abdel Aziz is the one who posted the video on his Twitter. Morocco’s King Mohammed VI has been seen drunk and stumbling on the streets of Paris. It appears that he was accompanied by his close friends, the Zuaiter brothers. Watch his goalkeeper come out to stop the scoring.”

Some people described his behavior as “unbearable” and “an embarrassment to the royal family”. They also point out that Islam does not tolerate alcohol consumption. But others are also skeptical about the tweet and video. “How can you be sure he is drunk? The video is only 5 seconds long.”

So what the journalist tweeted would not be entirely true. It would actually be about the Moroccan king, he is currently in France. But according to the Spanish newspaper espanolThe King will not be accompanied by the three German-Moroccan brothers. They have reportedly sparked controversy for some time as they threaten the Moroccan monarchy through their ill-conceived influence on the king.

However, it is not clear if the king looked deeply into the glass. Morocco itself says that he stumbled and was not drunk.

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