The negotiations between the European Union and the United Kingdom are not …

Negotiations between the United Kingdom and the European Union are still ongoing on Saturday night, although “they are still very difficult”. This was reported by sources close to the British negotiators. Sunday / Tomorrow is the last deadline: The two sides are then expected to decide whether to continue the talks or whether there will be a Brexit without an agreement. Speaking will continue on Saturday and Sunday evenings, apparently on the British side.

The scheduled meeting between Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is still scheduled for Sunday. According to the same British sources, Johnson asserts that “every deal must be fair and respect the principles of sovereignty and control.” The British side believes that what Brussels is putting on the table is unacceptable. “

The UK left the European Union at the end of January, but is in a transition period until the end of the year. If by then there is no agreement regulating future relations, tariffs will be introduced on imports and cumbersome customs controls will slow trade on both sides.

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