The Russian governor seems to confirm the capture of a border village. • Zelensky thanks the Ukrainian soldiers for their territorial gains in Donetsk

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky published it in his daily newspaper video message Thanks to the soldiers who captured the land in Donetsk province today. Zelensky said they gave the Ukrainians “the news we were waiting for today”. Zelensky specifically mentions the 5th assault brigade and the 57th mechanized infantry brigade. They skillfully, firmly and effectively defend our positions, destroy the occupiers and, most importantly, advance.

Russian authorities reported large-scale attacks in Donetsk province today and yesterday, but Ukraine denies that this is the start of a long-awaited counter-offensive. However, Deputy Defense Minister Hanna Malgar admitted that Ukraine launched the attack in some places. Zelensky’s remarks indicate that today’s attacks were important.

The President also paid tribute to the Ukrainian soldiers who are fighting in Bashmut. “We see how Russia reacts hysterically to our every move there, every situation. The enemy knows that Ukraine will win. They can see it. They feel it thanks to your attacks.

Russia has claimed to have occupied Pashmut more than two weeks ago, but Ukraine says fighting continues there. According to Malgar, the Ukrainians advanced 200 to 1,600 meters north and northwest of the city today, and 100 to 700 meters southwest. Yevgeny Prigozhin, commander of Wagner’s mercenary army, reported earlier today that the Ukrainians had recaptured the village of Berchevka, near Pashmut.

Martin Alberts

AP — Ukrainian soldiers laugh in an all-terrain vehicle near Pashmut, where Ukraine is said to have regained territory today.
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