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The US Supreme Court will consider anti-Trump T-shirts that say “Trump is too young,” which can also carry a hateful meaning. A lawyer registered the logo as a trademark without the permission of former US President Donald Trump. The national government does not agree.

California attorney Steve Elster sees the text on his T-shirts as “political commentary”. The phrasing was inspired by a joke during a debate between the two candidates in the 2016 Republican primary. Senator Marco Rubio then noted that Trump has small hands, saying, “You know what they say about guys with small hands…”

Elster saw his chance and printed the famous logo on T-shirts. On the back of the T-shirt, there is still criticism of the former president’s policies: “Trump’s business is too small: too small for the environment, too small for human rights,” and so on.

Offending T-shirt with the slogan “Trump is too young”. ©

Elster’s application was rejected by the National Trademark Registry in 2018. To use surviving people’s names, their permission is required. Then the lawyer went to court. He agreed with Elster, citing freedom of speech and the right to criticize public figures.

But the US government thinks this is unfair. Observers believe that President Joe Biden’s administration inherited the unresolved issue and is now in an unusual situation. The White House is now legally resisting any attempt to mock the potential electoral opponent, Trump.

Now that Trump is a presidential candidate in 2024, the T-shirt has suddenly reappeared…and simply for sale. It costs 40 USD, which is more than 37 EUR. It is not known if the dress was too small either.

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