There will be no OnePlus 9T this year and that’s why

This year we should not expect the OnePlus 9T, as a well-known rumor says. The reason lies in the global shortage of chips, which causes many difficulties for phone manufacturers. Although there is still hope for a solution.

No OnePlus 9T

Ago OnePlus 3T Since 2016, we’ve been getting used to OnePlus every year releasing the best devices in both spring and fall. All the beautiful fairy tales come to an end, because this year we are no longer expecting premium phones from the brand, at least that’s what well-known rumor publisher Max Jambor says on Twitter.

It was previously whispered that, just like last year, there will not be a Pro version with the OnePlus 8T again, but the 9T will also omit new information. There are two possible explanations for this move by OnePlus.

From OnePlus 9

Two possible reasons

Most likely it is the global shortage of chips. As a result of the global pandemic, chip manufacturers were forced to halt production for several months, causing a shortage of semiconductors everywhere. Once the machines stop, it also takes time to restart production, and due to the impending shortage, many companies have ordered additional chips for a while to escape the shortage.

The least likely reason is that OnePlus wants to give itself extra time to make more innovations with the OnePlus 10 next year. OnePlus gave last year as a reason for the absence of the OnePlus 8T Pro that otherwise there would be very few differences between the different top models released by the brand. However, it seems unlikely that the brand will also delete the 9T for this reason, especially since the brand has not released many smartphones before.

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There will be no OnePlus 9T this year and that's why
OnePlus 8T came first with OxygenOS 11

Ray of hope

Fortunately, there is still a little hope for the 9T. Jambor may have a good reputation for its leaked information, but we’re still far enough away from a possible OnePlus 9T launch. There is a possibility that OnePlus will continue to find a solution to its chip issue in due course. According to rumors, Samsung will use special Exynos processors to get the Galaxy S21 FE in stores. OnePlus can choose a different chipset or it can launch the phone in select markets.

Another question is which phone will we see OxygenOS 12 first if there is no 9T? Maybe with the OnePlus 9 series, or will the software come pre-rolled with another model? What do you think of this rumor? Will you miss the 9T and do you think the brand might find a solution after all? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this article.

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