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televisionScottish singer-songwriter Lewis Capaldi, 26, just got his own documentary on Netflix. The beloved music streaming service followed suit, resulting in an intimate and honest documentary about his life. But the billboard promoting his documentary looks different than expected. For example, it is not the singer who shines, but the young woman Liz Truss (47) on the billboard.

Following many big stars, including Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lopez, Louis Capaldi will also be getting his own documentary on Netflix, which will be released on April 5. But suddenly a billboard for his documentary starts getting noticed… when it turns out it’s not Lewis, but one ReboundThe image of former British Prime Minister Liz Truss appears on British banners. “Whoever is responsible for billboards at Netflix should be fired,” the singer writes on Instagram.

In retrospect, the resemblance between Louis and Liz has been discussed before, to which the singer responded, “Why do I look like so many female politicians?” It is not clear if it was actually a prank, a ruse, or a mistake.

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Documentary on Netflix

The documentary “Lewis Capaldi: How I Feel Right Now” marks a high point in the singer’s burgeoning career. The film follows the story of a young artist who returns to his roots after achieving international success. It marks his most significant year as he struggles to balance home, normalcy and everything he’s ever known with his life as a global superstar. “It honestly scares me to know that people are going to watch this documentary,” Lewis said. “But I’m really proud of it, and I hope everyone enjoys it.”

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Lewis Capaldi: How Do I Feel Now will be released on Netflix April 5th.

look. Introduction to “Lewis Capaldi: How I Feel Right Now”

look. Lewis Capaldi dressed up as the Netflix characters for the docu.

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