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The final of the most important football competition for clubs was held successfully and smoothly on Saturday. Tens of thousands of foreign supporters, particularly from the United Kingdom and Italy, traveled to Istanbul on Saturday for the Champions League final between Manchester City and Internazionale (Inter). Atatürk Olympic Stadium was packed with 72,000 football fans.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan briefly mentioned Turkish hospitality in a message after the final and congratulated Manchester City on the championship. He asserted that Istanbul was the “cradle of civilizations and the apple of Turkey’s eye.”

“I would like to once again demonstrate Turkey’s hospitality and thank everyone who contributed to the smooth and successful organization of this great organization. #UCLfinal.”

Erdogan himself visited FIFA, the president of the United Arab Emirates, Mohammed bin Zayed, and vice-president and owner of Manchester City, Mansour bin Zayed. He continued to fight with them. Before the match, he made Saeed sit in the Turkish car TOGG and announced that he would give them one as a gift.

Tens of thousands of supporters also acted as tourists and had the opportunity to experience the breathtaking and beautiful Istanbul up close, as it was explained. Istanbul Airport broke the all-time record by operating 1,594 flights in a single day on June 10.

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