Former Scottish Prime Minister Sturgeon has been released after being arrested in an investigation into fraud of more than €700,000 of party funds.

Sturgeon’s husband, Peter Morell, 58, was also arrested in early April but released without charge. He was the party bureau chief. She then promised her “full cooperation”.

Sturgeon Fish is the third person to be arrested as part of Operation Branchform, the Scottish police investigation into allegations against the party of financial fraud involving more than £600,000 in donations from the independence campaign.

In addition to Sturgeon’s husband, the SNP’s bookkeeper was also arrested and released without charge pending investigation. On 5 April Sturgeon’s house and party headquarters in Edinburgh were searched.

Sturgeon came to power in Scotland after the failed Scottish independence referendum in 2014, but has not been able to force a second attempt. When she resigned in February after eight years as prime minister, it was like a bolt from the sky. Today she remains Member of Parliament for Glasgow Southside. The SNP is Scotland’s largest party wanting an independent Scotland.

A spokeswoman for the former prime minister said Sturgeon “has consistently said she will cooperate with the investigation if asked, and will continue to do so”.

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