US leaves Afghanistan at the end of August: Afghans must …

By August 31, all US forces will be withdrawn from Afghanistan. US President Joe Biden said this in his first comprehensive statement on the country’s future. Meanwhile, the advancing Taliban is said to have once again captured an important border point.

According to US President Biden, in the twenty years of its presence in Afghanistan the United States has succeeded in doing what the Americans came for. This goal was to eliminate al-Qaeda fighters and thus prevent 9/11 again.

“We didn’t go to Afghanistan to build a nation,” Biden said in his most comprehensive speech on Afghanistan since taking office. “Determining the future and how to run the country is the right and responsibility of the Afghan people,” he added.

A unity government is unlikely

Biden called on countries in the region to help achieve a political balance between the various parties in the country. According to the president, the government should conclude an agreement with the Taliban that would allow everyone to live in peace. But Biden realizes that the formation of a national unity government in Afghanistan that controls the entire country, is “highly unlikely.”

The president also announced that the United States would help thousands of Afghan translators leave the country. Biden said they would be transferred to third countries such as Qatar and the United Arab Emirates and could obtain visas to enter the United States if they wished.

The Taliban is advancing

By the end of last week, US forces had already left their main base at Bagram. On Tuesday, the Defense Ministry announced that the withdrawal was 90 percent complete. The departure of US soldiers also means the end of the NATO mission in Afghanistan.

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Meanwhile, Taliban forces will advance into western Afghanistan. There they would have had, among other things, an important border crossing into Iran. Last week, the Taliban also seized border points with Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, China and Pakistan.

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