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Americans love to travel (and a lot more) by car. In addition, it seems that they dream of beautiful cars with a powerful engine or a luxurious cabin. This is evidenced by a peer-reviewed study by This UAE insurance company counted the number of sellers of 10 prestigious brands per region and the number of searches on Google for these brands between November 2019 and October 2020. Then everything was evaluated for this rating, which takes both criteria into account. The number of dealers touting to contact these supercars as much as the number of internet searches. Even if you don’t have the means to buy one.

USA, Germany, China

The United States leads the way with 362 dealers and 3,385,415 monthly searches for the ten brands the study chose. So the Americans were chosen as the reference with a “score” of 100%. In second place was Germany as a major country for cars, with 42.19%, 137 sellers and an average of 1,152,717 searches per month. China ranks third with 194 merchants, but only 5,712 searches.

This makes sense, because the study is based on Google, while this search engine is blocked in China. So the survey could have better considered Baidu, which is the country’s most popular search engine. However, by the number of dealers, it is evident that there is also a huge interest in supercars in China.

And Belgium?

The UK and Italy completed the top five in this ranking. France is ranked sixth for India, Brazil, Japan and Canada. Belgium ranks only 19 with 17 showrooms and 185,059 monthly searches, which means a score of 14.32%. Our country is in the ranking between the Netherlands and Austria. Globally, Europe is in the lead with the most popular dealers: 666 units. The world’s most present luxury brands are Porsche (877 dealers), ahead of Lamborghini (322 franchises) and Ferrari (249 units).

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