1Password makes passkeys available in mobile apps and web extensions

Popular password manager 1Password has announced that its mobile apps and web extensions now support passkeys. This makes it easier and safer for users to log in to websites that support passkeys.

The end of the password is approaching as passkeys become more widely available. Today it has one of the largest password managers Announce Passkeys will be supported in mobile apps and browser extensions. 1Password has been testing support for Passkeys in beta for some time, but has now made support available to all users.

With Passkeys, you, as a user, no longer have to think about or enter your password. Instead, simply enter your email address and press the Passkeys button associated with your password manager. The password manager, in turn, is linked to the two-factor authentication system on the device. This could be biometric, for example Windows Hello on your laptop or a facial or fingerprint scanner on your smartphone. If these are not available, the system will resort to the PIN you get through your password manager or via email.

Finally, the device is authenticated, so the password is no longer required. Once authentication is complete, hashes are exchanged with the website and you are logged in. It is a very secure method and is also linked to the domain name of the site. This makes phishing campaigns less likely to succeed, as your password manager will respond that there is no account available for the phishing site.

More information about passkeys: What are passkeys? Authentication without human intervention

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1Password offers passkeys on Android, iOS, and the web

You can now log in to websites that support passkeys via the 1Password password manager. Passkey support is built into 1Password’s Android and iOS apps and browser extensions for all major browsers on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

1Password requires one master password to open the password manager. This can already be linked to Windows Hello or your fingerprint, for example, but it can’t be replaced by a passkey. This should become possible in the future. 1Password is still working on it.

Passkeys are the result of a collaboration between Apple, Google, Microsoft, and others. As a result, support has been widely adopted and many major websites already support passkeys. Eventually, the passkeys will replace your old password.

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