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We probably don’t need to tell you anymore that it’s important to put on a good coat when out and about while the sun is shining. But did you know you should also apply when the weather gets cold and cloudy? 80 percent of the radiation passes directly through rainy weather.

American dermatologist Elizabeth Mullans tells US Fox News that even when you are indoors, it is wise to apply. “If you work near or near your window, you should use sunscreen because you may be exposed to harmful UV rays,” says Molans. “Even when the window is closed, it is a good idea to apply.”

Min Ding, another dermatologist, adds that most windows block UV-B rays (which play a role in burning skin and developing skin cancer, among other things), but not UV rays, which, among other things, cause skin aging. And damaged.

If your desk is by the window, Mulans advises against sitting there every day, all day. “If you’ve been there for a long time, apply it every two hours,” she says.

Also, Dink recommends you lubricate it regularly, especially if you have a sun allergy. “Smear as if you were outside in the sun.”

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