ACM will set final rules for choosing a free modem this summer

ACM does not mention a specific date in a file Network Neutrality Annual Report. Final policy rule follows approximately one year after publication Policy Base Project, who stated that consumers can choose their own modem.

On the basis of the draft policy, it was determined that Ziggo should give its customers a free modem option. This was said by the Communications Disputes Commission. VodafoneZiggo does not agree with this conclusion and is stepping down in May to court. In fact, the company should have allowed free modem selection since the end of May.

Ziggo vs.

According to Ziggo, it is critical that users use the modems that Ziggo has chosen. Consumers can borrow such a modem as long as they subscribe to Ziggo.

Other providers did not object to the rules, and fiber-optic providers in particular allowed their subscribers to choose their modem for some time.

Where does the client come from?

The ACM will already publish the policy rule in 2018. This has been delayed twice, until early last year. The rule is based on guidelines from BEREC, a European partnership between regulators such as ACM.

The sticking point is basically where the communication between the customer and the provider begins. According to BEREC and therefore also ACM, the client controls its connection from a “fixed network hotspot”, and Ziggo prefers to see it from the Ethernet port on the modem.

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