Always low on power? This is how Verel Duplex is charging its batteries. Are you looking for a big power leak? Fit and healthy

Do you lie on the couch every night without an iota of wanting to go outside? It’s time to check if you don’t have too many “energy leaks” in your life. Actress, life and mentality coach Ferrell Dupillary (53 years old) almost eliminated hers. For the happy month of NINA, she will be teaching you how to do the same tomorrow, Tuesday, May 25, during Instagram Live.

We are all tired from time to time. Not to say exhausted. Our performance focused community demands a lot of people, and you may have already tried this for yourself. You may feel empty and lively at night. Or maybe all day long you have something like: Cheers, tough. This is a sign that something is wrong with your energy levels. Possible side effects? Emotion. To argue. Neglecting your health.

Energy Eaters and Their Providers

One day you may come home and feel tired, but satisfied. The other day, you come home really tired and empty. It shows that you are dealing with energy consumers and energy providers, ”Ferrell Dupillary says. A few years ago, the actress, life coach and mindset determined how her energy house was doing.


We run our real family very consciously. But we are losing sight of our energy house.

Ferrell Dupillari

“I kept the stickers in a big jar. I wrote on the yellow what cost me energy that day, on the pink that gave me energy. At the right time I could distinguish patterns. Everything related to words, stories and working with people gave me energy. All I do with work alone and management. Tired me. Since then I have tried to avoid things like this or to be outsourced. Through my job as a life coach, I can focus on energy providers. “

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In fact, the “family of energy”. This is how Ferrell sees it. A vision that ensures the preservation of your energy level. “We run our real family very consciously. But we lose sight of our energy house. While it is very important to keep an overview of how energy is lost and how to recharge, and consciously maintain its balance. In this way, you can also discover major energy leaks, which you can after It eliminated it. “

Signals from your body

It also means thinking about your energy house: thinking about what gives you pleasure and what doesn’t. “He stands still,” says Ferrell. “Decelerated really. To examine it thoroughly in yourself. To listen carefully to the signals coming out of your body. “

As you broadcast Instagram Live tomorrow to NINA’s Instagram page, Veerle will guide you through the process. So you know exactly how to arrange your energy house afterward. It also teaches you to “fuel” your breath. “Extra oxygen means extra energy. That’s why we yawn when we’re tired. With a simple breathing technique, you can increase your energy level. Then you really feel awake.” During Live with Veerle, you will master this technology.

May is a good month with Fairle Doubletree at NINA

As summer approaches, it is time to shake off this downturn. No idea how to start? NINA will guide you throughout the month of May, along with life and mindset coach Veerle Dobbelaere. Each week you’ll receive a new article full of how-to, which Veerle uses in a live training session every Tuesday NINA’s Instagrampagina To explain and prove.

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The final session will take place on Tuesday May 25, 9 am: Give yourself a little more energy.

For more preparation afterward, NINA readers get an exclusive 25% discount on Veerles Online Training Program “Breathe / Pause”. Use coupon code FEELGOODNINA for this.

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