Apple makes development on iPad with Swift Playgrounds 4.0

Apple released Swift Playgrounds 4.0. Swift is a free, open source programming language that allows young and old to easily develop applications for Apple products.

At WWDC 2021, Apple already announced that the programming language Swift will take care. The developers will not have to sit still anymore, because the new version has been released.

In Swift Playgrounds 4.0, it is possible to develop apps for iPhone and iPad on your iPad. Once the development is done, you can upload everything directly to the App Store. This makes the programming language more interesting.

To access the latest version of Swift Playgrounds, your iPad must be running iOS 15.2. This version was only released on December 13th.

Centralized ease of use

Other improvements have been made by Apple to make programming easier. The innovations are:

  • Ability to preview changes to applications while making a change.
  • The preview function is further improved by enabling full screen previews.
  • From now on, Swift will provide recommendations as you write the code.
  • The search function will now load results from different files.
  • Projects can easily be moved from Playgrounds to Xcode and vice versa.

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