Badelin wears Mortisel with the national team player (Murzel)

Covered areas of Badel-Sporthaven. © Philip Spoilers

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Mortsel’s sports scene has been expanded with six racket courts. Players can book their own playground or they can do so through the ChiKita School in Antwerp Badel.

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With VC Mortsel OG, Cantincrode and Helderhoek, football is already well represented on the sports scene. However, the city council wants to bring together as many different sports as possible on site along Krijgsbaan. Therefore, the second sport is now welcome. With six Padel game fields, three of which are covered, Padel Sporthaven Mortsel is now a new hot spot.

In addition to football, you can now also add padel on the sports scene.

In addition to football, you can now also add padel on the sports scene. © Philip Spoilers

If you want to play, you can reserve a field via the Playtomic app. Reservations can be made up to seven days in advance, and Mortsel residents can book a field up to eight days in advance. Locations are available every day from 8am to 11pm.

take lessons

The city works with Padel School ChiKita for Padel Sporthaven. “We are the first snowboarding school in Antwerp. Just as with our other partners, we will offer lessons for young and old in Mortsel. Lessons for people with disabilities are also possible. Classes are taught by me and my friend Shana Owen. She is a player in the national team”, As Glenn Loris from Chiquita says.

Together they are the highest qualified coaches in Belgium and are responsible for coaching Padel’s coach by Tennis Vlaanderen. During the school holidays, ChiKita will organize Mortsel training sessions for children and adults. You can register via .’s website Badil School.

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In the spring of 2023, the sports landscape will undergo another expansion. Then comes Soft Club and baseball Mortsel Stars via Krijgsbaan to the Sports Centre.

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